Tyler Galaskas is a Junior Mass Communication student from York College of Pennsylvania with training in creating, promoting, and delivering video productions solutions for broadcast, corporate and social media delivery. Tyler is passionate about producing, directing, and editing projects that support their clients’ creative vision.

Most recently, Tyler was a production assistant at Office Depot RPF. There he worked with a team to print, assemble, and fulfill orders in a timely manner. Tyler worked there for the past two summers to fill up his time during the summer and to be able to help pay for college. He is determined to complete the last year and a half of college and graduate into the communications field, where he hopes to gain a sports broadcasting job. His love for sports is what got him interested in the communications field, and he hopes to make a career out of his love for sports for the rest of his life.

Prior to this role, Tyler served at several organizations designing and delivering successful programs in management development, team building, diversity, communications, customer service, sales, change management, performance management as well as many other topics. His work has always been focused on meeting the strategic needs of the organization.